Vintage Car Rentals for Weddings: Make Your Wedding Special

A vintage car adds a touch of elegance and unique style to your wedding. It serves as a beautiful backdrop for photographs and an unforgettable entrance and exit for your big day. Vintage car rentals for weddings offer a sense of romance and nostalgia that complements the celebration perfectly.

Vintage Car Rentals for Weddings - Make Your Wedding Special

How and Where to rent Your Vintage Wedding Car?

You can book a vintage car through specialized rental services like Vinty, DriveShare, or BookAclassic, which cater to weddings and special events. These platforms provide an array of choices and make it easy to find a car that fits your style and needs. It’s advisable to book your car well in advance to ensure availability​​​​​​.

What Does Renting a Vintage Car for a Wedding Cost?

The cost of renting a vintage car varies widely. You can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars per day, depending on the car model and rental package. 

It’s important to inquire about additional costs, such as gratuities for chauffeurs, which are often recommended to be around 15 to 20 percent of the hiring cost​​​​.

Self-Driving vs. Chauffeur Service for Wedding Day Car

Self-Driving vs. Chauffeur Service: Which is Better?

While the option to drive the vintage car yourself seems like a really fun idea, it’s crucial to be aware of the safety implications, especially if alcohol is involved in the celebration. You might want to save the driving for vintage car rental for your honeymoon and choose to hire a professional driver to take you to your hotel or house after the reception.

It can also add a level of luxury and removes the stress of driving which might not feel overwhelming now but after a long wedding day you might actually look forward to having someone drive for you.

A chauffeur also ensures that you won’t have to worry about navigating or parking, allowing you to fully enjoy your special day​​​​.

How to Decorate Your Vintage Wedding Car?

When decorating your vintage car, stick to non-damaging and easy-to-remove items like ribbons, flowers, and removable signs (tell your friends to be smart too if they’re going to be the ones decorating it – we’ve seen some hilarious things online but a lot of it I wouldn’t want done to my vintage car!) It’s important to avoid adhesives or heavy decorations that could harm the vehicle’s exterior. A lot of renters will mention no car paint or anything – so make sure you know all the rules.

The Significance of Cans Tied to the Wedding Car

Tying cans to the back of the wedding car is an age-old tradition meant to ward off evil spirits. The clattering sound is believed to scare away bad luck, symbolizing a noisy and joyous start to the couple’s new life together.

Important Considerations Before Renting

  • Book in Advance: To secure your preferred vehicle and potentially save on costs, it’s recommended to book as soon as your wedding date is set.
  • Inspect the Vehicle: Ensure that the vehicle looks as good in person as it does in pictures. This helps avoid disappointment on the wedding day.
  • Inquire About the Company’s Schedule: Ask if the vehicle will be used for other events on the same day. This is important to avoid delays and ensure timely service.
  • License and Insurance: Confirm that the rental company is properly licensed and insured, especially if you’re considering a self-drive option​​.

Where to Rent Classic Wedding Cars in Different States?

The availability of classic wedding cars varies by region. In states like New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, there are several reputable rental companies to choose from, each offering a range of vehicles and packages​​.

Choosing a vintage car for your wedding adds a layer of charm and sophistication to your special day. By considering these FAQs and planning accordingly, you can ensure a memorable and seamless experience with your vintage wedding car rental.

Leveraging Personal Networks for a Vintage Wedding Car

Today’s tech-savvy couples are turning to the lively world of social media, where a hashtag or a post can unlock a treasure trove of classic wheels from either your friends and family or someone that rents their vintage car out for these special events.

Imagine scrolling through Instagram, double-tapping on retro beauties, or diving into Facebook groups where vintage car enthusiasts gather. This is where the fun begins! Your wedding car quest might just be a shared post or a viral tweet away. So buckle up and get ready to navigate the exciting and sometimes quirky lanes of social media to find the vintage vehicle that will add an extra dash of splendor to your special day. 

  • Social Media Requests: Platforms like Facebook are great for reaching out to a wider network. A simple post asking if anyone has a vintage car or knows someone who does can yield surprising results. People often love to help out for such a special occasion.
  • Community Groups or Forums: Join local community groups or online forums related to vintage cars. Members of these communities are typically enthusiasts and may be willing to rent out or even lend their cars for weddings.
  • Family and Friends: Don’t underestimate your immediate circle. A relative, friend, or a friend of a friend might have the perfect car or know someone who does.

Considerations When Borrowing from Personal Contacts

  • Insurance and Liability: Ensure proper insurance is in place. This is crucial as vintage cars can be quite valuable and susceptible to damage.
  • Condition of the Car: Personally inspect the car beforehand. You’ll want to make sure it’s in good working condition and looks as expected for your big day.
  • Driver Arrangements: Decide if you’ll drive the car yourself or if the owner (or a professional driver) will handle this. If you’re driving, make sure you’re comfortable with the vehicle’s handling, as vintage cars can be quite different from modern ones.
  • Thank You Gesture: If someone is lending you their car for free or at a low cost, consider a thoughtful thank-you gift or gesture to show your appreciation.

Benefits of Using a Personal Connection

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Often more affordable than renting from a company.
  • Personal Touch: Adds a sentimental value to your wedding transportation.
  • Unique Story: Having a car with a personal connection can become a special part of your wedding story.


  • Limited Options: You might have to be flexible with the make and model available to you.
  • Responsibility: Taking care of someone else’s prized possession can add a bit of pressure. There’s a chance that if it’s local, they might want to be the ones that drive.

Borrowing a vintage car from your network can be a fantastic and meaningful way to add a touch of elegance to your wedding. Just be sure to handle all the practical aspects carefully to ensure a smooth experience on your special day.

Making Your Classic Car Work For You

Already Have a Classic? Making It Work for You

Turning your classic car into an investment by renting it out for weddings is an increasingly popular way to generate income from your vintage treasure. The elegance and uniqueness of classic cars make them highly desirable for weddings, offering a timeless backdrop for those special moments.

Understanding the demand is crucial. Vintage cars are sought after for their sophistication and charm, perfect for adding a touch of style to any wedding. Conduct market research to identify which types of cars are most popular in your area and get an idea of the going rates for rentals.

Preparing your car for rental is an important step. It’s essential to ensure that your vehicle is not only in excellent working condition but also visually appealing. Regular maintenance and detailing are key. You also need to update your insurance policy to cover commercial rental use, which is crucial for protecting both your vehicle and the renters. Additionally, check local regulations for any licensing or permit requirements needed to rent out your vehicle for such purposes.

Marketing your classic car effectively is essential. Utilize social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to showcase your car, and consider creating a dedicated website with high-quality photos and detailed rental information. Networking with wedding planners, photographers, and venues can also help in getting referrals.

Embracing Modern Traditions: Digital Contributions via Your Wedding Car

A New Twist on Wedding Contributions

In a delightful blend of tradition and technology, many modern couples are turning their wedding cars into a creative avenue for receiving wedding contributions. This trend involves showcasing a Venmo handle, PayPal link, or other digital payment methods on the wedding car, often accompanied by a playful or touching message inviting guests to contribute to their new chapter in life.

Why Choose Digital Contributions?

Convenience: Digital payments are incredibly convenient for both the couple and their guests, allowing for instant, cashless transactions.

Safety and Security: With the concerns around carrying cash or checks, digital payments offer a secure and hassle-free alternative.

Reaching a Wider Audience: For friends and family who cannot attend the wedding in person, this method allows them to contribute from afar, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to be a part of your special day.

How to Incorporate this Trend

Creative Display: Incorporate your digital payment details on your wedding car in a tasteful and visible manner. Consider using a beautifully designed sign or decal that complements your wedding theme.

Personalize Your Message: Add a personal touch with a message that resonates with your relationship or wedding theme. Humor, romance, or a simple thank you can go a long way in making this gesture feel special.

Communication is Key: Make sure to inform your guests about this option. A brief mention in the wedding invitation or during the reception can help make guests aware of this modern twist.

Balancing Tradition and Innovation

While this trend is a nod to modernity, it’s essential to strike a balance that respects traditional values and the preferences of all guests. Some may still prefer to give physical gifts or cash, so it’s important to be inclusive and appreciative of all forms of contributions.

In an era where traditions blend seamlessly with technology, the essence of your wedding day can be encapsulated in the timeless beauty of a vintage car, enhanced by the conveniences of modern tools. Remember, your wedding car is not just a mode of transportation; it’s a statement, a backdrop for memories, and a reflection of your unique love story.

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