How Long Are Early Ford Broncos?

When talking about classic Ford Broncos, it’s essential to consider their size. The Early Bronco, made from 1966 to 1977, has a compact but powerful build that consistently steals the hearts of off-roading fans and vintage car lovers.

Just look at Bring A Trailer or any auction sites and you’ll see vintage Ford Broncos all over the place.

1966 Bronco Specifications

Key Measurements

Early Bronco Length:

So how long are early Ford Broncos?

The Early Bronco is about 152.1 inches long, which makes it agile and easy to maneuver. Its wheelbase, around 92 inches, helps balance comfort inside the car with a size that’s easy to handle on different terrains.

Width and Height:

With a width of about 68.8 inches and standing 71.4 inches tall, the Early Bronco is stable and tough.

These dimensions aren’t just for their good looks either; they play a big part in making the vehicle stable and capable off-road, earning it a spot among the best in rough terrain.

I’ve gotten the chance to go rock crawling in a vintage Bronco at Windrock park in Tennessee and I can promise you, you get one and you’ll have a ton of fun and make amazing new friends.

It can feel a little scary at first but the people you meet on the trails are happy to help you. It’s such a good community to be a part of and all the skills you learn you’ll be able to pass down to the next generation of off-roaders!

Early Bronco Going Off-Road in Tennessee

Off-Road Skills

Wheelbase and Ground Clearance: The 92-inch wheelbase offers good stability on the road and agility off-road.

Combined with decent ground clearance, this vehicle can tackle uneven ground, making it a favorite for those who love rock-crawling and exploring new places.

We’ve not seen a ton of Broncos built for overlanding, but we think it would be an amazing platform and foundation to build your base. If you’re thinking you might need a little more room, you can read what Kincer Chassis has to say about the towing capacity of an Early Bronco.

We love everyone at Kincer Chassis! They are always helpful and friendly and have such a wealth of Classic Bronco knowledge. Good people to know if you’re looking at getting one.

From Classic to Modern

Size Comparison:

When you compare it to modern SUVs, like the latest Ford Bronco models, the Early Bronco is quite a bit smaller. The new 2-door Ford Bronco is about 173.7 inches long (compared to the 152.1 of the classic Bronco), which gives it a little more space inside and modern comforts.

However, you just still can’t beat the timeless look of the Classic Ford Bronco. I’ve had both, and I love my 2021 Bronco but it really doesn’t compare to all the conversations that were started because of my 1977.

How long are early Ford Broncos?


The simple design of the Early Bronco makes it great for customizing. Owners can adjust its size to fit their needs, from adding big lifts to lowering it, to improve off-road ability or change its look.

A quick Google search will show you that people spend a lot of money to make their Bronco look just the way that they want.

Celebrating a Timeless Icon

The Early Ford Bronco has been a favorite for adventure and exploration all over the world for many years. Its compact size and ability to be customized have made it a classic in the car community around the world.

It will certainly always have a huge place in my heart!

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